We have been associated with this event (formerly Rally Of the North) 
for well nigh 10 years.

This year we were to provide ONE finish crew, now that I am 'fully 
retired' - yeah right - I have had to 'pull my head in' somewhat and 
stop organising everyone !!.

So we had our crew, Jesy, Jamie, Fabian, Zane and myself, all 
Then a month or so beforehand Jesy had to pull out for family 
commitments (a month before hand is fine - a day beforehand is not).

In chasing the organisers for stage allocations a few days before the 
event though I learnt that they could not do them as yet as they were 
still short of a finish crew. I have no doubt you can easily guess 
what comes next!!!

Yep a LOT of people got leaned upon, Facebook friends, emails, phone 
calls etc,etc,

My thanks to Darryl who came up from Rotorua, Johann, from Tairua, 
Josh from Tuakau and Andy and Sean from Auckland.

This meant we could have one crew with me as Post Chief, and the 
other with Jamie as post chief.

Darryl, Johann, Josh  and myself arrived in Paihia 'before dark',on 
Friday 20th  and then collected all the gear etc.  the others drove 
up from Auckland after work so at our meeting later that night we 
reallocated personnel with my crew consisting of Andy, Sean, Johann, 
Josh and myself (yes 5) and Jamie had Fabian, Zane,Darryl and 

Both crews had a morning stage and an afternoon stage but thankfully 
out the gate times of between 7 and 8 am were much better that 4 a,m, 
starts which 'have been known'. However with our morning stages being 
some 100km away there was still some driving to do.

Jamie's car misbehaved on the way to their first stage and they 
survived with one car (Darryl's thirsty Ford).

Meanwhile our crew with Josh, Johann and myself in trusty old Chalkie 
- the Estima, with Andy and Sean in his car proceeded to Kaitaia 
where Andy used his magic FF training skills then joined us at Finish 
Control and did Road Cards. I should mention at this stage that 
Ralllysafe are back to having a Surface Pro Tablet at the FC instead 
of a silly little 3 line display. Although we still had our inverter 
to allow charging between stages it is no longer necessary. The 
battery life has improved dramatically. Rallysafe certainly makes 
life a lot easier.

The rally did run a little late, caused partly by a taping problem on 
SS2 and Jamie's crew being a bit late because of their vehicle 
problems. Lunch break enabled some regrouping. For our part we 
stopped at Kaitaia and had a few words with an old friend Brendon 

A pie etc whilst heading another 100 km for our afternoon stage SS8 
(the final stage of the event) then arriving in plenty of time. There 
was however a typo in the road closure time (1450 somehow became 
1540). Bugger.

Never mind, all went well eventually, that night (after returning all 
the gear - Rallysafe etc) we had a small gathering in my room for the 
9 of us, then Andy and Sean took Jamie, Fabian and Zane back to 
Auckland so Jamie could arrange to rescue his vehicle, the rest of us 
stayed Sat night, headed home Sunday morning. I shouted Josh and 
Johann lunch at Happy Days, took Josh home then Johann and I back 

Tired but happy again.

The crews

Warwick		 Post Chief
Andy			Cards
Josh			Log Writer
Johann 		Road
Sean			Flying Finish

Jamie			Post Chief

Our next event is Main Targa in about a months time. More then.