The latest missive from the "Simply Better Tairua Stage Timing Team"
Although competitors have a lot of organising to do so do those
'officials' who actually allow an event to happen put what can only
be described as 'a hellava lot of effort'.


The team (6 of us) left Thames Valley about 1 p.m. on the Friday, and
after a 'late lunch' at Tauranga, headed for Gisborne arriving about
7 p.m

. After distributing the 6 of us among other teams, and reallocating
the accommodation, it was agreed that we would need to be 'out of the
gate' just after 5.30 a.m. next morning.

Between us that day we did (or assisted with), service park/regroup,
stage finish timing, stage starts.

One of our team, a former rally driver expressed his amazment at the
amount of effort, enthusiasm and commitment these volunteers exhibit.

We 'organised' the park ferme at The Ford agents Garage Sat night
then were up and at it again for the Sunday.

After doing starts/finishes for another two stages, we regrouped,
headed back home, the boys had school again on the Monday.

I have a ( not usually agreed with) view that officials are the life
blood of the sport. So many competitors are 'simply not interested'
in 'helping run events', they certainly do not appreciate the effort
volunteers put in. Even in our own club all the publicity and thanks
goes to our competiors. (I specifically exclude Michelle from this
allegation as at prizegivings she goes out of her way to thank her
marshalls) - BUT this is obviously not shared by the membership at

The next event is the Maramarua Forest Rally (run by Hamilton Car
Club) at which we are actually representing Thames Valley car Club.
It would be good to have some appreciation from our Club itself, that
this effort is in any way appreciated.