Rally Of Gisborne 2016

Hi Everyone !!

Once again this year we provided a Stage Finish Timing Team for Rally of Gisborne. Saturday 2nd July 2016.

We had just a little difficulty getting the numbers, but fortunately Donald Welsh was able to spare Mike (and his daughter Georgia) - who I had worked with (for) previously.

Dale had a 'newbie' friend and with the our own 'solid base' of support it looked like we would be all right.

Mike and Georgia made their own way there on Friday, Dale collected Darryl from Rotorua, I collected Devon and Tyla from Thames and we all arrived more or less at the same time in Gisborne Friday night.

We has two stages to do, (without moving - oh joy), and did not have to be 'on site' till mid-afternoon - but, no doubt you can see this coming - this meant that we would be doing the last stage of the rally and PACKING UP IN THE DARK. (Not quite so joyous!!!)

A wee bit of a baptism of fire for Devon and Tyla in the Finish controil van, and with Rallysafe not being used on our stages (not functioning?) we did cope, just.

HOWEVER, we could not get any Post Chief comms and the 'radio guy' could only get a spot 'some distance away'. This meant that our pink slip runner really did have some running to do.

I was really good to have Mike and Georgia, with their extra experience, thanks to the rest of the team too.

We all made our way home quietly on Sunday,

The team this time was:

Well done team