With this years Rally of New Zealand being held on our doorstep this year we were, of course keen to 'do our bit.

After offering our services for some months we were finally asked to tape, block marshal and detape the length of the Tapu Coroglen road.
This suited fine, the theory being that we could 'double up' if we ended up with too many people. Yeah Right.

We were then asked to deliver letters to residents living more or less on all the roads being closed for the event.
This we were happy to do - James,Zac,Devon and Quinten delivered a hundred or so the Saturday before the event.

Then just over a week before we were asked to provide a finish crew for the spectacular special special stages along Joan Gaskell Drive in Whitianga itself.
oOps - so here we go again. James was away on his Wintec block course the whole week before the event so Zac ended up doing much of the personnel organisation

SO once more we ended up with a 'houseful' on the Friday night, 'out the gate' time a much more reasonable 7 a.m. - mind you the taping crew lead by James was well away by then.

So we provided manpower (and girlpower) to block marshall the start, finish and camp ground entrance for SS3 and SS5.

After SS3 was finished Warwick with his crew headed straight to Whitianga for SS7
whilst James and the rest of his crew headed the long way round through Coromandel, again to Whitianga.

At the Spectacular Special Stage a reasonably standard flying finish (let's not mention Rally Safe Timing gear),
but we were unable to give the standard 300m to the actual finish stop control - more like 100m
This meant that from a typical 170kmph cars had about 100m to come to a complete stop.
Something of a mission for the drivers!
So between SS7 and SS9 we moved the stop control tent, vehicles etc as far away as we could to to give cars longer to stop
With cars taking aonly about 45 secs for the whole stage the action was well and truly 'frenetic'.

It was good that we had a really good full sized crew for this event
(only one pull out just before the event)
(and no-one left in a toilet en route)

Crew List as follows


James - Letter deliverer, taping crew,technician,finish control calculator.

Zac - Letter deliverer, personel organiser, gear collector,block marshal, detaper

Tara -Block Marshal, detaper

Devon - Letter deliverer, gear collector,block marshal, flying finish

Toby - Block Marshal, flying finish

Christian - Block marshal, flying finish

Quinten - Letter deliverer, block marshal, detaper

Kaelon - Block Marshall, detaper

Emma - Taping, Block Marshal, finish control logwriter

Jack - Block Marshal, finish control - road (cards)

Luke - Block marshal, finish control board

Steve - Block Marshal, detape, finish control paddle

Aiden - Block marshal, finish control Pink slip runner

Dale - Block Marshal, detaping.

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