Goldrush Rally 2016

Well, what can we say?

PLENTY of bods, at one stage it looked like we could have had something approaching 19 people when a full sized team is 9 !!!!

HOWEVER, With the inevitable people pulling out we still managed a full sized team including a couple of 'newbies' both of whom proved well worthwhile - one particularly so.

This time we has 3 stages to do (but again did not have to move), for those staying at Duck Creek an out of the gate time of 7 a.m. (thanks everyone for complying), met Zac and his crew, and Dale and also Viv and Rimu at our 'timing crew regroup' point on the 309 rd corner. All there at the appointed time. Well done.

This time we were using Rallysafe AND beam/printer and bombdrop. Dale and Zac set up the two beams, with Indiana, Luke and Viv, all up at the flying finish point.

After getting the EZIUP set up at Finish control, we used Rimu and Levi (who has proved to be a real find) together with Tyla in the van.

With the numbers we had it was possible to have someone on the paddle, as well as the road runner, pink slip runner AND we did a board. John Holland questioned why we were doing a board, BUT it has been my experience that competitors really do appreciate it as it shows them what times drivers in front of them have achieved.

Needless to say Rallysafe did not work reliably, Very frustrating because when it does it really is a marvellous system.

I also had a problem in that for the whole of the last stage my Post Chief's radio could receive but not transmit, having to pass messages via our Radio Guy or other official cars.

All of the team were invited for a burger at Coroglen on the way home, but not all were able to make it.

The team this time was:
Indiana (new)
Viv (& Stevie)
Levi (new)
and sleepy Kaelon

Well done team. The next one is Targa 2016 12th till 16th Oct, and then the Silver Fern 2016, Chch to Chch from 27th Nov.