Goldrush Rally 2016

Hi all

For the fourth time we were, once more helping with this year's Goldrush Rally of Coromandel.

After severely fluctuating numbers we ended up with eight people (including two newbies,
both of whom proved to be worth their weight in gold!!)

Dale collected the gear on the Friday whilst I did my Hamilton run, during which I collected
Dinny and Kaia (who had bussed from Turangi) and Denise (who had bussed from Auckland).
We also collected Sarah (who was part of another team) from Cambridge.

Because we had been given the Spectacular, Special Spectator Special Stage which is only
just over 1.0 km long (and with an average speed of 101 km/h) we didn't actually have to be
on site until 2 p.m. - not the 4,30 am we had for the last event!!.- Oh joy.

Dinny, Kaia and Denise stayed here on Friday night, we collected Jack on the way and met
Dale, Kelvin and Poko in Whitianga.

Once more we had 'some' difficulty erecting the tent!!
But at least it was in the middle of the day as opposed to the middle of the night.

Then what did we find? The organisers had changed the stage direction to be the opposite
of the last three years. Bugger!

This stage has a lengthy spectator vantage point for the 1st 300m or so, and having Haydon
Paddon and Greg Murphy competing just added to the excitement.

The event was basically a Rallysafe one but with an additional beam and RNZ equip for this
stage anyway this meant that we did not need a pink slip runner.

the team performed exceptionally well, with duties allocated as follows:
Post Chief once again.Just call me Capt. Peacock
Dale My right hand man and Flying Finish guru
Dinny Dale's assistant
Poko Flying Finish too
Denise Card Calculations
Kaia Log Writer
Jack Road Cards
Board and paddle. Once more the board proved to be very welcome. I think
(but can't be sure) that we were the only stage crew to go to this extra effort.

As I said hats off to Jack and Kelvin (our newbies) who looked like they had
both 'been doing it for years'

A meal at Coroglen and watching the All Blacks at Coroglen on the way home

Once home Dinny, Dale and I had a 'few' Ngas

Well done team. Our next big event is Targa NZ (what we tend to call Big Targa)
starting Tues 24th October, finishing in Wellington 29th October. Hands up those
who are prepared to help!

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