Rally of Hawkes Bay 2013

Another Multi word missive.

On Sat 1st June the Simply Better Stage Timing Team went down to Hastings to provide
both a starting team (8 people) and a finish timing team (should be 9 bods, but we had to
make do with 8).

Over the last several weeks we had put together a really good team, a mixture of
experience ( some 10 people) and another 9 'newbies'.

Then guess what:

3 days before the event one experienced guy pulled out
2 days before the event another experienced
1 day beforehand another experienced
and one of the newbies too.

None of the 16 year olds let us down I am happy to say.


Out of the gate at 9 a.m. One van with me driving collecting another 3 bods, the other van
with James driving another 9 - giving us a total of 14 from Tairua/Thames.
After a regroup at Tirau we had a lunch meet at Rangitaiki with Donald and Malcolm from
Tauranga and headed to Hastings.

After collecting the gear from the Car Club, We had 'dummy runs' in the pub car park -
setting up laser beams, synchronised clocks etc.

Then the 'highlight of the weekend'. The 16 of us went out to dinner at Restaurant Indonesia
- a really beautiful meal.

Up at 6 a.m. drove up to the start and finish of SS2.
Set up at each end and timed the 52 cars.

At the start Post Chief Donald had Zac, Nathan, Christian, Richard, Quinten and Nico and Jake.

My team worked the finish, including providing a board - something the competitors seem to appreciate.

Once cleared, we proceeded back through Napier and set up again for SS8 this time a
somewhat longer tarseal stage.

So fast that the distance between the Flying Finish (manned at each stage by Rimu and
Toby) and the finish control, manned by James and Malcolm on calculations, the road team
comprising Kaelon (cards), Daniel (pink slips) and Devon (board), was twice the normal

Needless to say,once again, I was able to just ponce around like Captain Peacock!
Well sort of - one of the R.T.s between the flying finish and finish control ended up with a
flat battery. There was a lot of walking backwards and forwards - yuk.

Once cleared and gear returned we all went out to dinner again this time at the Hot Chick !

Next morning (Monday) we were once more out of the gate 9 ish, I made the boys all 'do the
steps' that is clamber up the steps up to the house I used to live in when I was in Napier.
I then took them to have a look at Bluff Hill lookout then headed quietly back to Atiamuri
when we had another regroup, swapped people between vans, then Richard took the 11 of
them to Thames and I took the rest of us to Tauranga and home from there.

1200k in each van over the three days.

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