Rally of Maramarua

I do want to thank all the team for the efforts at Maramarua
(representing, as we were Thames Valley Car Club). Please notice that
as Post Chief I had a 'standard size team' of 9 people.

Thanks for all you and we collectively did at Maramarua yesterday.

Maramarua was a one day event yesterday (Sat). I did my Hamilton run
Friday night, had the six of us here Friday night had us all out of
the gate here at 4.45 AM yesterday morning although I do believe
Donald had to be out his gate by 3.30 am. yuk, met the other 3 guys
at Maramarua School at 6 AM. But my 'backups' did not make it

We had been promised that the rain would be pissing down all day, but
although we did stage start timing for four stages there were really
only a few spits of rain.
So I had my team split into the two 'halves' (in control, and actual
start), 4 people each so I could just ponce around like Capt Peacock !!!

I had our entire team in uniform with name badges, James, Quinten,
Zac, Toby, Chase. Donald, Scott, Brian and myself.

We had Chase as our Food/Sustence and drink officer.

He did bacon, eggs and sausages for breakfast and ham,tomato lettuce
and mayo for lunch.

We had the jug, frypan and microwave set us in the van to assist in
this effort so hot and cold drinks were available for us all pretty
much all day.

It was a fairly long day as having been out the gate @ 4.45AM,
breaking camp @ about 4.45 PM then driving to Hamilton for the 'after
match function, then the two hr drive back home (arriving at 9.30
p.m.) just in time for me to watch the All Blacks game.

It was, however, 'warming' to be told at the after match that we
were by far the best start crew.

It is little things like that that keep us interested.

The next event is the interclub hillclimb that James is competing in
on 30th Sept (we shall no doubt be marshalling), the Rally of the
North on 13 October where we are supplying a team (small I hope) of
block marshalls, then Silver Fern 1st day 11th Nov, where I have
committed a team of 9 then the last day a team of 8.

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