Targa Rotorua/Hawkes Bay 2019

Dates 18th May to 20th May 2019


- A very quick, and short preview of what we are doing this week.

With Connor and Ethan not being availabe for this one, we had organised some of the
crew to come up from Turangi.

All was well until Leigh's team let him down and (as usual) all hell broke loose!

Dale and I tried 'several' without success but it looked like we were all sorted with
Laura and Connor apprently keen as newbies. Guess what they too, pulled out a couple
of days before.

So we now welcome Ezra to our crew (Finish 2), which is now completed with Anaru and
Thomas from Turangi. Fortunately Dale had managed to get Colin to help Leigh out, and
his crew (Finish 1) is completed with Leiton and Cody.

As an aside - Dale has Bruce, Dinny and Darryl completing his crew.

So, midday Thurs 16th David, Ezra, and myself headed away picking up Anaru and Thomas
from Tirau when their bus arrived. While awaiting the boys' collect we spent a couple
of hours soaking in the hot pools here at Opal Springs where we are staying tonight!

Dale collected our Rallysafe gear, and final documentation for us too.

We time SS2 tomorrow morning,then SS6 tomorrow afternoon(Fri) and stay at Golden Springs
Reporoa tomorrow night.

Just one stage SS 11 on Sat and then on to Napier for the night.

Sunday SS16 then SS20 for the final day Sunday.

After delivering the Turangi contingent home on Sunday night, David will plan to head back
towards Christchurch, and Ezra and I will head towards our place.

More tomorrow night (Fri) I hope !!

Day 1 - Friday - 18th May 2019

Here we are at Golden Springs on SH5 between Taupo and Rotorua for the Fri night.

We easily made our first 'out the gate time' of 0800, but someone must have turned right
instead of turning left and as a result instead of being on stage 30 mins before we had to,
it was only 15 mins so you could say we were well and truly early!

For SS2 we timed the cars, Dave and Ezra on Flying Finish, Thomas on Cards (copying
data from the Tablet in front of him), Anaru writing up the logs and Wazza doing Road.

A bit of a pity that our Start Crew did not bother to put the Start Order on the
appropriate cards so we could not complete the criss-cross sheet.

Once cleared we headed through Putaruru to Arapuni then on to our second stage of the
day SS6. This time we had Ezra on his own at Flying Finish, Dave on Cards, Thomas on
writing logs, and Anaru doing Road. Wazza and Anaru shared the duties of writing up
the 'board', something competitors really do appreciate.

We did have a 'little' problem with a rogue van who broke onto the stage and created minor
havoc. But together we all coped - sort of.

We then drove the 90 mins here, sausages and bread for tea - a better meal and a mini
celebration tomorrow (Sat) night.

Only one stage tomorrow, with an out the gate time of 0830, then over the Napier Taupo Rd
to Napier.

Day 2 - Saturday - 19th May 2019

Here we are at Napier Beach Kiwi Holiday Park, after a 'mini celebration' at Hot Chick in
Napier in recognition of Cody's birthday - Jesy's crew, Dale's crew, Leigh's crew and my

We spent last night (Fri) at Golden Springs just out of Taupo - and boy was it cold! Mind you
the three 'adults' all had double beds each to themselves and the 'younger members' had
single couches in the lounge.

An out the gate time of 8.30 was achieved, at it was, indeed, nice to be woken (well sort of)
by chief with a plate full of nice warm porridge and chocolate milk to put on it!!

Our one and only stage for the day was only about 10 mins away so we had no problems setting
up - with our desire to encourage and 'blood' younger people Dave trained Anaru at Flying
Finish and Ezra did cards at FC. Thomas did log writing, and I did road and board.

That is until I had post chief duties to fulfil when we had ANOTHER rogue pickup truck
attempting to race among the competitors.

A burger for lunch on the Napier Taupo road, and a 3 p.m. arrival in Napier oh - joy !!

Took the crew on a 'tiki tour' of Napier, including where I used to work, the made them 'do
the steps' up to where I used to live, a bit of puffing and panting, but not too bad, then up
Bluff Hill, down to Marine Parade etc.

As mentioned above we all had BBQ chicken at Hot Chick for dinner!!

We then got back in time to watch the Blues play the Chiefs - not a result anyone was happy with.

Tomorrow we once more have an 'out the gate' time of 8.30 to do our morning stage SS16
then we do SS20 the last stage of the rally before heading in the general direction of home.
The Turangi contingent to their place, Leigh to Putaruru, Dale to Tirau, Bruce to Thames
and Ezra and myself back to Duck Creek.

More tomorrow night (hopefully - may be late) then the epilogue a few days later.

Day 3 - Sunday - 20th May 2019

The final day !

Much warmer this morning about 12 deg instead of the 1 or so yesterday morning !!

Once more we met our 'out the gate time' of 8.30 and proceeded post haste to our first
stage of the day SS16. We eventually arrived after some perigrination (oh for a Toby or
even an Ethan), actually in plenty of time.

Anaru and Thomas manned the Flying Finish (well done boys) and we had the so called
'adults' at Finish Control. Beautiful sunny day, radios worked etc,etc,

Once cleared we headed for our final stage SS20, the last stage of the event. We arrived
so early that we ACTUALLY had time to go and get petrol (a never ending task) and
'pies for all'. Great!!

Back on the stage finish in plenty of time - we had a small issue with start orders but
finally determined that we hadn't actually lost a car after all!!

There was however what we understand something of a disaster turning this stage to 'white',
and we were instructed to simply keep doing what we were doing until told otherwise.
This we did. An ACOC (Stage Manager) then released us and took over block duties.

We did however encounter another rogue motorist who insisted that he was going to use the
road 'as was his right', regardless of the fact that it was legally closed for another hour
or more. We really could do without these people.

We then headed for Havelock North (Porters Hotel), returned gear and redeployed our people.

Ezra took Leigh back to Putaruru then waited for me at Dales, using one of Dale's cars.
Meanwhile David took Anaru and I took the rest of the Turangi contingent and we delivered
them all safe and sound back home.

I then undertoook the long trek from Turangi back to Duck Creek, collecting Ezra at Tirau,
we both then shared the driving getting home at 2 a.m. Mon morning.

As has often been said - TIRED but HAPPY.


One of our better performances - once more we fulfilled ALL our commitments


8th May - Collected majority of gear from Targa HQ.

14th May - David (Chief) arrives from Chch - Personnel issues raised their ugly head!!

15th May - Personnel issue resolved - Thanks Ezra.

16th May - Proceed to Matamata, collected the rest of the crew and the rest of the gear.
Stay at Opal Hot Springs that night.

17th May - Time SS2, then over to Arapuni/Waipapa for SS6 - Rogue vehicle problem.
Stay at Golden Springs Reporoa.

18th May - Time SS11 at Reporoa - another rogue vehicle problem,
Stay at Napier Kiwi Beach Park. Mini celebration at Hot Chick with 15 of us.

19th May - Timed SS16 (after some peregrination), then the final SS20, where once more
we had a rogue vehicle. Once cleared, took the Turangi contingent home, then Leigh home,
then Ezra and myself back to Duck Creek.


Having to pay for accommodation each night did stretch finances somewhat, but at Opal Springs
we had a 5 bunk Cabin, wifi and use of the hot pools.
Golden Springs was VERY cold, but they gave us two units, each with shower, toilet and kitchen.
Napier Kiwi was probably the best this trip - another 5 bunk cabin, but this time self contained
shower, toilet. fridge etc. 10 GB Wifi.


To me it is extremely disappointing that after organisers of any event having to spend many hours,
jump through all the hoops and finally managing to get the roads legally closed to run an event,
there are still 'bloody minded' individuals who can simply ignore them, rudely, and apparently
without consequences.

I quote from the 'Public Notification' for this event which reads as follows:
"Club Targa Inc has been granted this legally sanctioned road closure as per schedule 10 of the
Local Government Act 1974 and the Traffic (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) regulations 1965 and is
protected by the Crimes Act with the following outcome;
Imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years, with the intent to cause danger to persons or
property with reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property."

On the first day a Hiace originally drove onto the stage, then parked on the side of the road
'watching' the cars - then decided to 'join in the fun!'. He refused to stop for our marshals and
simply gave us the fingers.

On the second day a pickup truck decided he would race the competitors and again refused to stop
at Finish Control.

On the third day a 'local' was adamant that the rules did not apply to him and he would drive 'his'
road whenever he wished.

My personal view is that the time has come for action to be taken against the likes of them. - After
all there could have been carnage. I believe we have so far simply been grateful that they have not
managed to actually kill anyone and have let things slide.


Finish CrewDale's CrewLeigh's CrewJesy's Crew
Warwick (Wazza)DaleLeighJesy
David (Chief)BruceColin (to start with)Jamie
ThomasDarrylCody (birthday boy)Woody

Thanks everyone.

Warwick (Wazza)

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