Targa Rotorua 2016


Having done Targa 2015 and then not being needed for Targa Bambina 2016, we did offer to help for Targa Rotorua 2016 after all as Darryl lives in Rotorua this might be a good base. However they were all sorted for people so it seemed we would not be needed again.


With the two day event running Sat 14th and Sunday 15th May, starting and finishing in Rotorua, it was  only two days before that I received a 'cry for help' from URG. This caused something akin to consternation as you can imagine. Darryl came on board almost immediately, (thanks Darryl), as did Zac, Luke and Jack.

Well done team!

Toby (the star of Targa 2015) also put his hand up so did Viv. Dale was overseas, and Kevin wasn't feeling up to it.

This was all arranged within about 12 hrs. of being asked. As I said: "WELL DONE TEAM". This meant that I had to go to Auckland to collect the gear on the Thursday, did my Hamilton run on the Friday then 'into it' on the Sat.

Being the last ring-in team we only had one stage to do out the back of Matamata with an 'on site time' of 12.30 pm oh joy. Not quite the same as being #1 timing team and doing first AND last stages every day of the rally. (as was the case with Targa 2015!!)

Zac collected Luke from Tokoroa, and Toby from Hamilton, I collected Viv and Stevie from Paeroa then Darryl from Cambridge after getting him on a bus from Rotorua.

We all found our positions without too much difficulty being the middle of the day made life just a bit easier BUT having been supplied a plug-less aerial for Zac's TIMY gear and our gutter grip aerial not gripping the gutter radio communication was less than ideal. Neither did we have hand held radio comms between FF and FC - bugger.

Anyway we did our best and I was able to do my (minimal) post chief duties, chat to the stewards etc. without worrying too much.

At flying finish we had Zac, Luke and Jack at Finish control we had Darryl on road cards, Toby on Cards, Viv on Log Writing and Stevie doing Start order criss cross sheet. I was, as they say able to just 'ponce around like Capt. Peacock'

A few beers at home that night, return Toby to Hamilton, then Darryl to Cambridge to catch the bus back. Another trip to Auckland to return the gear later in the week..

Our collective thanks to all the team which comprised:


Pretty much a full crew even though we had just over a day to arrange!