Targa Rotorua 2017


This year we supplied both a finish crew and a start crew.

It was a fully Rallysafe operation but with paper based handwritten logs.

Dale and I had collected our 'gear' at Rallysafe training, and had
subsequently installed our 25w Fleetlink radios.

A number of pull outs (one caused by sickness 'on the day' and
another being called back to work), set us back a bit, but once again
those that remained really did step up to the mark and we managed to
fulfil all our obligations.

We had 4 vehicles (2 start and 2 finish), Toby and myself (Toby
driving) from Pauanui/Thames, Dale from Tirau/Tokoroa, Dinny from
Turangi and James and his crew all the way from Wellington.

Dale left home about 3.30 pm on Friday afternoon, collected Luke and
then the Rallysafe gear from Novotel, we left a bit later (because of
other commitments) and Dinny and his team headed over from Turangi in
time for us to all meet at Darryl's just after 7. James team arrived
a bit after 8pm.

We allocated people between start and finish teams and determined
that the start team headed up by Dale would all stay together, and
the finish team together at Darryl's.

Sat morning we all needed to be out the gate by 6.15 a.m., but we
each were able to go straight to our appointed positions, without the
necessity to drive the stage. Oh joy!
Although we each did two stages on Sat it was the same stage
repeated so we did not have to move and were, in fact, finished by

It was interesting to note that the Rallysafe tablet had 'no times'
for us for some 18% of cars. this percentage remaining the same for
both stages.

Our team had lunch at Atiamuri Road house, the Steak and Egg burger
being the biggest I have ever seen. A remark that 'I don't think I
can get my hands around that let alone my mouth ' was greeted by the
well known ' that's what she said' - A joke that has been around
for yonks.

The 'younger members of both teams did their own thing, knowing
that we had to be 'out the gate' by 7 a.m. next day

I just had a nap - yes I know I am getting old - but a nap is just what I needed!!!!

Late that afternoon came the news that our morning stage had had to be cancelled.

This meant that our 'out the gate' time could now be a much more reasonable 11 a.m. or so.

A pie and a coffee for Brunch (now where have we heard that before)
and on to our next (and final) stage. A small detour by turning one
road too early (again?) but still set up in plenty of time.

Although we had settled on a Finish crew of only 5 (five) we still
opted to to a board - something the competitors really do appreciate.
Thanks for the double duty Sophia.

This time Rallysafe worked 100%.

Once cleared about 4 p.m. James/Sophia and Roger headed back to
Wellington arriving about 11 p.,m.
The rest of us went back into Rotorua to de-install the radios, and
return all the Targa gear including the Rallysafe equipment.

Toby then drove back to Thames and I got home about 8.30 - as we keep
saying 'tired but happy'.

Once again many thanks to all those who helped.

Dale (Post Chief) his 1st time and did it admirably

Warwick (Post Chief)

The next Targa event is Hawkes Bay 20/21 May.