Rally of Tauranga

On Sunday 21st July 2013  the Simply Better Stage Timing Team went to
Tauranga  to provide a finish timing team for the Tauranga Rally.

Once again we had several 'pull outs', but at least this time it
happenned in 'plenty of time' (yeah right), rather than 'just before
they are due to come' which is what has been known to happen.

So instead of the 9 bods required for a standard finish crew we ended
up with only 6 - bugger.

Managed to get all the crew here the night before so we could be up
at 5 a.m.then out of the gate at 6 a.m.
One van(Chalkie)  with me
driving collecting another and James in his own Corolla (Rolly).

After collecting the gear from Rally HQ we found our stage finish and
then set up.

We did SS2 and SS5 (both at the same spot so we didn't have to move).

Toby and Nathan in Rolly as the flying finish car and at finish
control,  James and Rimu on calculations, Richard doing road cards,
and I did the board, pink slips as well as being Post Chief.
(Mind you we did manage to comandeer our radio guy's assistant to do
pink slips as the day wore on!!)

Needless to say, that this time, I was not able to just ponce around
like Captain Peacock!

Once cleared and gear returned we all headed for home - arriving well
before dark.

The next one is block marshalling for Rally of the North at Paihia on
Sat Aug 17th.

Any volunteers?

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