Rally of Whangarei 2017

This year we had been asked to supply a finish crew for Rally of Whangarei.

It was a Rally NZ style paper based system although it also had Rallysafe as a backup.

Because this crew were all pretty new to this way of doing things we planned to go up on the
Thursday to give us time for some staff training, and to do the shakedown stages on the
Friday morning.

Once more we had a number of pull outs (one as late as the morning of our departure).
So despite efforts of everyone remaining we were 'short' before even leaving home.

We took 2 vehicles (Townie) for FC and Chalkie (for FF).

Dale left home on Thursday morning, collected Poko Leigh and Luke, meanwhile I took Viv
and Steve with me from here..

Happy Days was fully booked AGAIN. so lunch was at Burger King,

That night we collected the gear and settled into Whangarei Falls Holiday Park.

We had to be at the shakedown stages on the Friday morn. Dale and Poko were our FF
team and Leigh, Luke, Viv and Steve with me were at FC.

Because we were actually short of people the organisers had managed to find a local chap,
Alexander ,who indeed fitted in to the team very well indeed.
He did our board , very efficiently too.

Friday afternoon we went to confirm exactly where our stage(s) were,
Pizza (delivered) for tea that night.

We had to be on site about 8 a.m. Sat morn - but to say it was WET was a real;

We did have professional support from Russell (Chief Training Officer) and Craig (Timing
Officer) but even with their welcome assistance it must be said that it was not our best effort -
it could be claimed to be a shambles- something of an embarrassement as you might say.

Dripping wet we handed the gear in.that night then had take away roast for tea,
We had no stage to do on the Sunday.

I took Poko home in Townie, the others went home in Chalkie, and spent some time
watching other stage(s),

Once again many thanks to all those who helped.

Dale (My right hand man).

The next Targa event is Hawkes Bay 20/21 May.

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